Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District

Budget & Finance

THPRD is required to adopt a final budget by no later than the close of the preceding fiscal year. The annual budget is intended to serve as a financial plan, operational plan and operations guide for THPRD’s activities. The budget is prepared and adopted by fund and organizational unit or division. Most budget changes after adoption require either a resolution by the board of directors or a supplemental budget process.

THPRD's schedule for preparing the 2015/16 budget is as follows:


  • February 5 - Publish notice
  • February 12 - Post notice on THPRD website
  • February 23 - Midyear Budget Review Meeting (public input)
  • April 2 - Publish notice
  • April 9 - Post notice on THPRD website
  • April 13 - Deliver proposed budget to budget committee
  • April 20 - Budget Committee Work Session (public input)
  • April 30 - Publish notice
  • May 7 - Post notice on THPRD website
  • May 18 - Budget Committee Meeting to Approve Budget (public input)
  • June 11 - Publish notice and summary
  • June 22 - Hold Public Hearing to Adopt Budget (public input)
  • July 15 - Tax levy certified by Washington County

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