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Park District Comprehensive Plan

The 2006 Comprehensive Plan is the 20-year strategic plan for THPRD and is used as a guide for future decisions about how the district will acquire, develop, operate and maintain land, facilities and programs.

The plan outlines eight specific goals with several objectives and action steps to meet the service needs of district residents, and recommends that the plan be updated every five to ten years as conditions change.

Updating the Comprehensive Plan

The passage of a THPRD $100 million dollar bond in 2008, together with the economic slowdown beginning in 2007, has prompted an update.

In late 2012, THPRD announced a partnership with consultants from GreenPlay to update certain components of the 2006 Comprehensive Plan.

GreenPlay is a national consulting firm that specializes in park and recreation operations. What makes them uniquely qualified to assist THPRD is that every principal staff member of GreenPlay has worked in the field of park and recreation at some point in their career.

Joint Projects with GreenPlay

1) GreenPlay will be developing a map of all THPRD sites and applying a quality ranking to each site -- facilities, parks & trails -- based on THPRD quality standards.

The end result will be a map of the district that clearly delineates where current service levels are meeting expectations and where they are not meeting expectations. This information will be used in conjunction with a resident survey (in circulation until November 10, 2012) to review and revise future service needs for the 2006 Comprehensive Plan update.

2) A Cost Recovery Model will be developed with the help of district residents at public meetings planned for December 2012. During this project, our services will be grouped into categories based on what percent of each service's costs should be paid for with property tax dollars (versus other revenue sources like user fees).

By grouping services in this manner, we will ensure that the services delivering the greatest public benefit receive the most public funding. The resulting cost recovery model and resource allocation policy will further strengthen the district’s already strong position of financial sustainability.

To participate in December public input meetings, please click here.

3) A Market Position and Service Provision Strategies assessment will review all services provided by THPRD to identify those services core to the district’s mission and values. Recommendations will be provided for enhancement of services, reduction of services, collaboration with partners where to advance or affirm market position. In other words, it will help the district identify where best to focus resources.

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