ALERT: 9/6-9/11 Facility Maintenance: Pools, weight room, gym, locker-room and group fitness rooms will be closed. The splash pad will remain open. Please check the online schedule for specific program updates. Building/Office hours will be 9-6:30 pm Tuesday-Friday, and 9-6 Saturday and Sunday during the building maintenance.

Conestoga Recreation and Aquatic Center

LISTDISPLAY <ul class="accordion" data-accordion><li class="accordion-navigation" > <a href="#panel1b"><strong>Sat Sep 03 at 4:30 PM - WipeOut!</strong></a> <div id="panel1b" class="content"><p>The Aqua Challenge is nearly 40 feet long, 6 feet wide and more than 7 feet high at its apex. It can be an adventure for kids of all sizes, supporting up to 400 pounds. The &ldquo;challenge&rdquo; is staying on the inflatable, which requires some concentration to navigate &hellip; or get ready for a plunge into the water below!</p> <p>*For adventurers under the age of 18, you must pass the swim test before attempting the WipeOut! challenge.</p> <br> <br><strong><a href="/events/detail/wipeout/09-03-2016">View Complete Event Listing Here</a></strong> </div> </li><br></ul>
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