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Cooper Mountain Nature Park

Come explore!

Overlooking the Tualatin River Valley, Cooper Mountain Nature Park is located on the edge of Beaverton. The 230-acre park, at 18892 SW Kemmer Road, Beaverton, offers visitors 3½ miles of trails (with varying levels of difficulty) that traverse the park and pass through each of its distinct habitats - from conifer forest to prairie to oak woodlands. Visitors will be rewarded with grand views of the Chehalem Mountains, close-up looks at Oregon white oaks and a small prairie that has sat relatively undisturbed for hundreds of years.

Dogs. horses, and other pets are prohibited at Cooper Mountain Nature Park.

A bobcat, photographed by Dorothea Derickson, prowls a hillside at Cooper Mountain Nature Park. The bobcat is a small wild cat that usually preys on rodents.

Protected with voter-approved funds, Metro and volunteers have been restoring Cooper Mountain’s unique habitats for more than a decade. 100,000 trees and shrubs have been planted at the site along with the native wildflowers and grasses historically found throughout the Northern Willamette Valley that have all but disappeared from the metro area. To find out more about the natural areas Metro is protecting with voter-approved funds and how they are being restored click here.

Improvements to the nature park were paid for with Metro bond funds and a grant from Oregon State Parks. Metro and THPRD will work in partnership to manage Cooper Mountain Nature Park. Together the two agencies will continue habitat restoration and wildlife monitoring, maintain hiking trails, the Nature House and provide nature education programs to visitors of all ages. For additional information, phone 503-629-6350.

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15707 SW Walker Rd, Beaverton, OR 97006


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