Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District

Bocce Courts

Bocce Courts are located at Cedar Hills Park

Rules of the Game

  • Object of the game: To be the first team or player to acquire 12 points (or a predetermined score).
  • Start of match: The match shall begin by tossing a coin. The team who wins the coin toss (Team A) may either toss the pallino, or choose the color of the balls.
  • The team who wins the coin toss (Team A) may toss the pallino any distance so long as the pallino passes the centerline of the court, and does not hit the backboard. They have three chances to do so.
  • If Team A is unable to do so, then the pallino is given to Team B and they have three chances to toss the pallino.
  • When the pallino has been properly put into play, the player who tossed the pallino will throw the first bocce ball.
  • Playing the game: The first bocce ball is thrown and cannot touch the backboard. If the bocce ball touches the backboard, that team must throw again.
  • Whenever a team gets inside, they step aside and let the outside team roll.
  • The team outside throws until it beats (not ties) the opposing ball. This continues until both teams have used all their bocce balls. The team who scores for that game throws the pallino to begin the next frame.
  • Once both teams have thrown their first bocce balls the team whose bocce ball is closest to the pallino is called "inside" and the opposing team "outside."
  • Disqualified balls: Should a team's bocce ball make contact with the backboard, the bocce ball is considered a dead ball and is removed from play until the end of the frame. The bocce ball that hits the backboard should be removed as soon as contact with the backboard is made.
  • If the pallino is knocked into the backboard it remains where it rests. If the pallino is knocked off the court, play ends. The pallino will be put into play at the opposite end of the court by the original team.
  • Foot fouls: The player must not step on or over the foul line when tossing the pallino or bocce ball. The player who made the foul shot will re-throw the pallino or bocce ball.
  • Scoring: Only the "inside" team scores. One point is given for each ball of the inside team that is closer than any ball of the opposing team.

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