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Adaptive & Inclusion Recreation Services

        Adult TR Programs                                        Youth Programs

                 Thursday Night All-stars                        Adaptive Sportz Center
                                                                 A sports-based program designed to be an
          This is a recreation and socialization program for teens and
          adults (ages 13+) with developmental disabilities to play   inclusive program that provides the basics for
          pickup games of basketball.                            participation in sports. Kids play to their own
          When: Thursdays, 6:15-7:45 pm (times subject to change)  level while developing important socialization
          Cost: $5.25 each time or 5-punch passes available for $26.25   skills and learning about peer unity through
          Location: THPRD Athletic Center - 15707 SW Walker Road,   team play. Classes hosted at Athletic Center.
          Beaverton (some Thursdays not available)
                                                                 4/1-5/6 (6)            F    4:30-5:15 pm        5-7 yrs       AC42801
          Participation is on a drop-in basis and requires the   Ct 1 -Indoor           ID/AP: $50            OD: $62.50
          •  Completed medical/emergency information form        4/1-5/6 (6)            F    5:20-6:05 pm        8-11 yrs     AC42802
          •  Sign up before attending if you are a new participant  Ct 1 -Indoor           ID/AP: $50            OD: $62.50
          •  Those requiring 1:1 assistance must bring an aide who is   5/13-6/10 (5)       F    4:30-5:15 pm        5-7 yrs       AC42803
            required to stay for the entire duration of the activity at   Ct 1 -Indoor           ID/AP: $42            OD: $52.50
            the Athletic Center.                                 5/13-6/10 (5)       F    5:20-6:05 pm        8-11 yrs    AC42804
          For more information, email or call    Ct 1 -Indoor           ID/AP: $42            OD: $52.50

         Thursday Night Wheelchair Basketball

          Join THPRD and Adaptive Sports Northwest
          for wheelchair basketball!

          This drop-in program provides a weekly
          opportunity for youth and adults experiencing
          physical disabilities to play wheelchair
          When: Most Thursdays, 6:30-7:45 pm. (times subject to
          Cost: $5.25 each time or 5-punch passes available for $26.25
          Location: Tualatin Hills Athletic Center (15707 SW Walker
          Rd, Beaverton)
          To participate: A completed Medical Emergency
          Information Form is required.
          •  Those requiring 1:1 assistance must submit a non-thprd
            aide form. Once form is processed, participant must
            bring an aide for the entire duration of the activity.
          •  *A limited number of sports wheelchairs are available for
            participants that do not have a personal sports chair and
            can be requested in the medical form.
          For more information about any of the listed programs,
          please call 503-629-6330 or email us at

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