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Adult Kickball

Adult Kickball League

Remember when you were a kid and played kickball with your friends? Relive the fun by joining our kickball league! Not only is kickball enjoyed on school playgrounds, it's also a league game, similar to softball.

All current league information is listed in the document center to the right!

Registration for the 2015 season is now open.

Here are some basics of the game:

  • It's played on a softball diamond with an inflated rubber ball.
  • The ball is bowled toward the catcher.
  • The batter kicks the ball.
  • The batter's objective is to reach base before the base is tagged, before he/she is forced out, or before he/she is touched with a held ball.
  • Fielding a very large, soft rubber ball is different.
  • Catching the ball is easy; throwing it is harder.

Kickball is all about having fun! League play will be held during the summer months. League information is available in March. Rosters due in May and games begin in June. Come play with us! Call us at 503-639-6330 or email adultkickball@thprd.org

To put your name on an list of players looking for a team, call 503-629-6330.

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