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The THPRD levy would maintain today’s park and service levels.

       THPRD is facing a $16 million budget shortfall, representing 21% of the district’s annual budget.

       The THPRD Board of Directors voted unanimously to place a local option levy before district voters at the
       May 21, 2024, election. The board followed the recommendation coming from the district’s Levy Task Force,
       which analyzed the district’s operational needs and determined a local option levy was needed to maintain
       THPRD service levels.

       A local option levy would:

             Ensure weekly garbage collection at parks.             Ensure afterschool programming continues.
             Without a levy service would be reduced to             Without levy support, the district’s afterschool
             monthly or twice a month at some parks.                program would end.

             Ensure public restrooms stay open and cleaned          Keep pools and splash pads open.  Without
             multiple times a week.  Without a levy several         a levy, the district would have to close some
             outdoor public restrooms would be closed and           facilities, including three swimming pools and
             others will experience reduced cleaning.               two splash pads.
             Preserve positions in park maintenance and        THPRD  Maintain facility hours and recreation
             recreation programming to maintain existing            programming.  Without a levy, recreation
             service levels.  Funding for the levy would save       centers will have to reduce hours of
             nearly 50 full time positions and 235 part time        operation, classes and programs would
             positions performing park, trail, and natural area,    be reduced, and programs such as Mobile
             maintenance and leading recreation classes and         Recreation that focus on underserved
             programs such as art, sports, and aquatics.            populations would end.

       If approved, the levy would preserve park and recreation services at current levels.  The levy would be $0.50
       per $1,000 assessed value for five years, beginning in 2024.  The measure may cause property taxes to increase
       more than three percent.  If approved, the levy would increase taxes on the average home in the district by
       about $152.12 per year, or $12.68 per month.  The levy would preserve existing services, improve safety and
       maintenance in parks, natural areas and trails, and fund a new and easy to use online registration system.

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