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At THPRD, we believe through volunteerism, we will make our community a better place to work and play. Each year, volunteer coaches, lifeguards, natural area restoration volunteers, therapeutic aides for seniors and physically challenged individuals, day-care attendants, special event volunteers and many others, make it possible for citizens of all abilities and ages to participate in activities.

Featured Volunteer: Skye Laidler

Since she began volunteering with us about 2 years ago, Skye has become an asset at the Harman Swim Center. Skye was eager to start helping with our swim lesson program and has really thrived in it. Skye relates with the children and makes them feel very comfortable. There was one class where one of the students liked her so much they would only do skills with Skye and not the actual teacher. She welcomes feedback from her co-instructors and supervisors and implements them into her teaching.

Even though she is still young, Skye is always very professional. She is always willing to help clean up on deck. She is very reliable. Recently, she took a break from volunteering. We had a very full class that needed to either be split into two classes or have an additional co-teacher. Since we didn't have any extra staff to help, we decided to call Skye to see if she would be interested in coming back to volunteer. She was eager to come back and help us with the class.

In Aquatics, we have an incentive for Junior Lifeguards to volunteer for 50 hours, and they will get their lifeguard class paid for by the District. In most cases, once a junior guard reaches the 50 hours, they stop volunteering. That is not the case with Skye. She currently has about 115 hours logged. Skye has gained so much experience in that time and will continue to learn more. If she does become a lifeguard with THPRD, she will be a great asset to our organization.

Junior Lifeguards support aquatics programming at 7 different aquatic centers across the district. If you are interested in participating in the program, find more information here, or Apply Here.

How to volunteer with THPRD:

Check out our volunteer pages, which are divided into youth, adult, special events, team building and environmental volunteer opportunities.

Volunteer Services can help find a program, project or event to fit your interests. Contact volunteer@thprd.org or 503/645-6433

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