Tualatin Hills Nature Center

LISTDISPLAY <ul class="accordion" data-accordion><li class="accordion-navigation" > <a href="#panel1b"><strong>Sat Oct 08 at 10:00 AM - Fall Native Plant Sale</strong></a> <div id="panel1b" class="content"><p>Fall is the perfect time to establish native plants in your garden; select from <a href="http://www.thprd.org/pdfs/events/event1211.pdf">more than 100 varieties</a> of trees, shrubs and flowering plants in all price ranges for every spot in your garden.</p> <p>Knowledgeable staff and volunteers will be on hand to answer questions about native plants and their benefits. They can help you find the right plant for your needs.</p> <p>Proceeds from the sale contribute to future park improvements and environmental education programs.</p> <br> <br><strong><a href="/events/detail/fall-native-plant-sale/10-08-2016">View Complete Event Listing Here</a></strong> </div> </li><br></ul>
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