Garden Home Recreation Center

LISTDISPLAY <ul class="accordion" data-accordion><li class="accordion-navigation" > <a href="#panel1b"><strong>Fri Oct 21 at 6:00 PM - Great Pumpkin Hunt</strong></a> <div id="panel1b" class="content"><p>Join us from 6-8 pm for the Great Pumpkin Hunt.&nbsp; Enjoy bingo, crafts, games and more in the Garden Home Recreation Center gymnasium.</p> <p>There will be plenty of chances for young visitors to win prizes, jump in our bouncehouse, and get their face painted, too!</p> <p>Come prepared for the main event -- a hunt for pumpkins in the back field! Bring a flashlight. The search is on!</p> <p>Register today!</p> <ul> <li>Ages 1-2: 7:40 pm (<a href="">GH26100A</a>)</li> <li>Ages 3-5 yrs: 7:35 pm (<a href="">GH26100C</a>)</li> <li>Ages 6-10 yrs: 7:45 pm (<a href="">GH26100D</a>)</li> </ul> <p>&nbsp;</p> <br> <br><strong><a href="/events/detail/great-pumpkin-hunt/10-21-2016">View Complete Event Listing Here</a></strong> </div> </li><br></ul>
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