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Whether you're 3 or 93 - you'll enjoy swimming at THPRD! Channel your inner Missy Franklin (2012 US Olympic Swimming Team) or water exercise for more flexibility and better muscle tone.

Whatever your skill level - from the littlest polliwog to a seasoned, confident swimmer - we're known for our excellent teaching staff and beautiful, clean pools!

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Learn To Swim Descriptions

The THPRD Aquatics Department is dedicated to providing a fun and creative atmosphere for the development of swimming skills for youth and adults in our community. We believe in the value of swimming as a lifetime skill, as well as healthy recreational activity. We have provided descriptions for all of our class levels. If you need further assistance selecting the appropriate level, please contact any of the THPRD swim centers, staff will be happy to help you.

IMPORTANT: Participants are welcome to register for multiple sessions of Learn to Swim classes. However, they must register for the same level. Level advancement is based on instructor recommendation only. NO exceptions will be made.

Age Definitions

  • Preschool Swimming (ages 3-6 years and have not started the first grade)
  • School Age Classes (ages 6-12, have started the first grade)

***Safety skills are an integral part of the swim lesson program. Appropriate skills will be incorporated into each session of lessons.


  • Level 1 is an initial adjustment to the water environment. Swimmers will experience bubble blowing and breath control; exploring the water while on their front and back both assisted and unassisted. Upon successful completion, swimmers will be able to kick on a kickboard, steamboat and back glide for two body lengths and jump into the water, all unassisted.
  • Level 2 will build confidence for the swimmer to perform floats and glides on front and back, while introducing crawlstroke and combined back. Rotary breathing will be introduced. The swimmer will be able to coordinate side breathing with armstrokes for five breaths and swim 5 body lengths on their back, winging and kicking.
  • Level 3 will focus on further developing crawlstroke skills and also learn backstroke. We will also begin to introduce deep water experiences with treading water and beginning diving skills. Swimmers will also practice performing skills for longer distances. Upon successful completion, swimmer will be able swim crawlstroke and backstroke for 15 yards.
  • Level 4 introduces breaststroke and standing front dive. The focus will be increased proficiency and endurance of crawlstroke, backstroke, and treading water. Upon successful completion swimmers will be able swim crawlstroke 25 yards and 25 yards backstroke.
  • Level 5 focuses mainly on stroke proficiency and building endurance. Upon successful completion, swimmer will be able to perform swim continuously for 300 yards, tread water for 2 minutes, perform a long shallow dive and demonstrate underwater swimming.

Advanced Swimming

At this point your child has developed strong swimming skills. However, there are many opportunities available to them and they continue to develop their water skills. We offer two tracts of learning, Pre-Competitive, where they learn competitive strokes and skills or Pre-Lifeguarding, where the participant learns more about water safety.


Swimmers will refine their strokes and increase their endurance. They will learn how to read a workout, use a pace clock, pull buoys, fins, hand paddles, and training principles. Upon successful completion, you will swim 500 yards continuously as well as a 100yr I.M.

Next steps

  • Splash program (THPRD recreational swim team)
  • Club programs (swimming, water polo, synchronized swimming or diving)


Swimmers will learn strokes that can be used effectively with rescue skills. They will learn more about water safety and further explore their abilities in the water. Upon successful completion, participants will swim 300 yards continuously as well as surface diving and underwater swimming.

Next steps

  • Junior Lifeguard/Swim Aide program (ages 12-15yrs.)
  • Lifeguard Training (ages 15yrs. & up)

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Pool Schedules

Be sure to check out the age-specific safety rules for using swim facilities

Drop In Classes

Drop in aquatic activities at THPRD include lap swims, aquarobics, water walking, pregnancy fitness, and more. See the facility listing to see schedules for drop in activities there.

Facility Rentals

Be sure your next birthday party is a splash -- have a pool party at THPRD! Contact the facility directly to get information about party packages, services and fees and to make reservations.

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